- An Introduction to Leuven, with pictures and videos.

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About Discover Leuven

A few decades back, we studied in Leuven. Over the years we have visited the city regularly, but mainly to sit back and relax at one of the many outdoor cafes.

During a longer than usual holiday break, we stayed a whole month in the city, and took some interest in (re)visiting many of its sites. Honestly, there are many places we never noticed as students in our younger years. Interests indeed change over time.

We did not want to reinvent available information about Leuven, and instead concentrated on giving a pictorial and video overview of the city's attractions, surely of interest to those who want to visit this interesting historical university city, and providing indications as to where to go.

We also review closeby, often more famous, Flemish cities. Leuven actually is a good base for exploring the whole Flemish region of Belgium.

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