Being a University Town, Leuven has a wide selection of general and specialized bookshops.

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Bookstores in Leuven


Club bookstore, bookwinkel in Leuven

See also : Central University Library



Club is a large bookshops that can be accessed both from the Diestse Straat and the Foch Plein. Offering mostly general reading stuff, translated novels, and cartoon strips.

Leuven is a university town, so one expects just a little bit more of bookshops and libraries. Some of the bookshops are specialized in publishing or selling academic works, while others just cater to the general public.

Acco Boek- and Kantoor handel, Medical Books Leuven
Acco Books specializes in study material for universities and high schools. A wide selection of medical books can also be bought online. Printing of manuscripts etc.


De Dry Coppen Boekhandel
De Dry Coppen is located in the Schrijnmakersstraat (close to Saint Peter's Church). Translated novels (and not just original English-language books), with books categorized by country of origin (of the authors). Sitting areas where you can enjoy a coffee, while provided (Dutch-language) newspapers.
Also books online :
De Dry Coppen


Boekhandel De Slegte, Bondgenotenlaan, Leuven, Second-Hand Books Leuven
Boekhandel De Slegte has a branch in the Bondgenotenlaan. Large (on multiple floors) collection of almost looking like brand-new second-hand books. You can easily save some money here. Part of a chain of second-hand bookshops, and operating since many years.
Both Dutch-language and English-language books.


Gobelijn Strips, Cartoons Belgium
Gobelijn Strips, located in the Mechelse straat (in the center of Leuven), specialized in local Belgian cartoons.
Gobelijn Strips


De Standaard Boekhandel (a chain of bookshops in Belgium) has branches in the Naamse Straat and the Diestse Straat in Leuven. General bookshop, with a lot of translated foreign novels, English novels, non-fiction works (lots of English-language IT works etc.)
Standaard Boekhandel



Information about Leuven :


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Bookstores in Leuven

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